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Evolving construction technology: A boon for business — or a liability?
Technology was the hot topic of the Construction Management Association of America's National Conference & Trade Show this week. Sessions about new innovations and tools, as well as the risks that come with them, dominated the show schedule.
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Tinley Park ponders bigger pond at old Panduit site
Tinley Park trustees appear to favor creating a special taxing district that would take in Panduit Corp.'s former headquarters and adjacent properties but are still deciding whether to expand a detention pond on the Panduit site to capture stormwater …
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North Bellmore Public Library Board of Trustees Selects Elite Construction of
North Bellmore, NY – October 22, 2015 – The North Bellmore Public Library Board of Trustees has selected Elite Construction of NY as construction manager for the upcoming expansion and renovation of the library building located at 1551 Newbridge Road …

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Construction Project Management Plan And Construction Project Management

One of the most important part in our day to day life is management. Even without a clear management it is really highly impossible to survive in this competitive world. That doesnt mean its one thing that we must relate with our day-to-day life. But also it directly impacts our activities also. Thus it is significant to refer management with each and every aspect of our work.

A project is something to be carried out systematically. Construction project management and building project management are the processes of entire planning of a project from its commencement to the completion. Through this process, at long last, youll be able to produce a functionally and also financially feasible project, which could achieve the needs of the customer.

Construction of the project is very important job as it consists of two main significant things to perform that is it has to be carried out systematically and also methodically. Construction planning is the most important and also complicated task activity in the management of construction of projects. In construction planning you should be aware to concern on the work task, time duration, needed resources and a appropriate technology. If youre capable of having a good construction plan, obviously you will be able to achieve a big budget.

Building project management is another sector to consider under this topic. It is important balance all the problems which you might need to experience around the building construction system, as still there might be a tendency to cause a difficulty during the period. You have to be capable of keeping your workers with a confidence towards the task. So their passion and dedication will rise on the project. The Building project management plan supplies the data and interpretation required to find out the building project management as a whole system.

Contractor Project Management plan is even significant to deal with the construction procedure. Contractor project management plan have to be a realistic one without being empty if so it’ll assist you to accommodate the changes on land. And it must be able to deal with the individuals necessities. So it is really useful to deal with a well experienced contractor who can make you happy. But its vital to not to target to save your money but to save your target.

Project management templates are even important as it assists to communicate with the client on what they need. Using a template would allow you to have an idea on the effectiveness on you project too. And With a template youll be able to do a complete feasibility study on what you did. Thus documenting the projects facts through a template is much more effective than using other ways.

Construction Project Management Plan is a comprehensive document that is ready to customise to your specific project. If you are looking to get on with the business of construction without spending thousands on construction management plans, check out what Martin Gerardo has to offer at

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Lean Management For Construction Sector

Construction sector in India is one sector which is relatively the most unorganized sector. Understanding of the past as well as current practices, have reach to a certain level of conclusion that construction sector practices in India are inadequate and its performance will continue to decline as projects become more uncertain, complex and pressed for speed. Also construction industry has an unfortunate record on innovation when compared to other industries such as manufacturing.

The problems of construction sector are well known. Organizations in India reasonably focus on the scheduling and planning of the construction projects but in reality lead to cost and time over runs. To avoid such over runs, quality is disregarded and subsequently gets deteriorated. Occupational safety is notoriously worse than in other industries. Sometimes due to inferior working conditions, there are also work force shortages in construction sector. All these factors results into low returns and loss of big projects to international firms indicating real problems of competitiveness in construction firms in India.

Construction projects involve several groups such as owners, designers, general contractor, sub-contractors and suppliers their coordination is crucial to the success. There is a pressing need to develop and improve current construction process.

Output of the construction projects has two major concerns:

Productivity (In terms of cost, time and material used)

Quality (Material used and of the final product)

Manufacturing has always been the reference point on innovations for other industries. Another development trend in manufacturing which is having a great impact is Lean Management, Lean concept originates from manufacturing industry thought of by Eiiji Toyoda and Taiichi Ohno who studied the production system of Ford Motors.

Lean Management through its Total Flow Management (TFM) views that the organizations should be analyzed through its various flows like from order to cash, from raw materials to delivery etc. and not through departments. This will buttress the current CPM/PERT techniques used in the sector there by reducing the Through Put Time (TPT).

Inventory is managed on the basis of the schedules planned but learned results shows that it either end up over stocking or stock out situations, which are the two key elements of the inventory devil. Both are equally dangerous which impact the bottom line profits of the organization. Lean Management principles, through its Total Service Management (TSM) model helps organizations develop individual Inventory Models for Raw materials, Work In Progress etc. leading to JIT across the supply chain. Inventory is no more in the warehouse but unloaded directly in the supermarkets created to point of use.

Total Quality management (TQM) would keep a track on the variance between expected quality standards and the resulting standards in the continual basis. All the tools integrated well within the organizations will lead to more practical solutions to let alone cost and time over runs in construction projects.

Prior observations on sites and also of organizations have indicated that wastages in construction industry in India are quite high and process improvement may help it become more efficient and competitive in India as well as globally.

Selecting the principles and Lean tools most suited to the Indian construction industry are of utmost importance.

The formulation of theoretical foundation (Model) for lean construction by abstracting the core concepts of Lean Management by using it as source of innovation also integrating it with tools of current project management and applying them to the management of construction processes is key to profitability in the construction sector.

Author: – Manisha Goyal

Manisha Goyal, student of MTM, CEPT along with her guide: Nilesh Arora, Director, Add Value Consulting Inc. (AVCI), the leading global lean manufacturing training & consulting firm assisting organizations transform in Totality by lean training, workshops, counselling.

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Flowfinity Mobile Apps Improve Field Service Management at Nechacko Northcoast

Flowfinity Mobile Apps Improve Field Service Management at Nechacko Northcoast
VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Flowfinity Wireless Inc., a proven provider of enterprise mobile apps, today released a new customer success story that describes how Nechako Northcoast Construction, a road maintenance and …
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Tetra Tech, Inc. (NASDAQ:TTEK) Short Interest Update
Tetra Tech, Inc. is a provider of consulting, engineering, program management, construction management and technical services focusing on natural resource management, infrastructure, energy and the environment. The Company serves public and private …
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Construction management methodology due for overhaul
The African property development industry is rich in new developments, pressured successes and epic challenges. Lessons can be learnt by examining these projects, their strengths and weaknesses, their management strategies, and the reasons for their …
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Construction Management Theories

Abraham Harold Maslow was an American theorist who studied the needs of humans and how satisfying these needs can motivate people to work harder and be happy. He started his studies observing the behaviour of monkeys. Whilst researching the monkeys he realised that some needs took priority over others. He took these ideas and produced his famous hierarchy of needs.

At the bottom of this hierarchy were the physiological needs of the person. These needs included water, oxygen, heat, vitamin C, rest, avoiding pain and having sex. The lack of these physiological needs leads to the body craving for things that have satisfied these needs before.

Above the physiological needs are safety needs. When most of the physiological needs are met people start to worry about security. Things such as having a home in a safe area, savings for the future and job security all satisfy this need.

After the previous two areas are satisfied love and belonging needs set in. The need for friendship, a lover, children or just a sense of community are what the person desires at this stage.

At level four esteem needs are required to satisfy the persons happiness. Maslow split this into a lower and higher level of need. The lower is a need for respect, status, attention and recognition. The higher stage concerns self-respect and independence. These are valued as higher in the chart as they come from within the person and are harder to lose.

At the very top of the model is self-actualization. This stage is where a person has a constant aspiration to fulfil their potential. The need to feel complete and be all they can be. Maslow suggested that only two percent of the worlds’ population ever reach the self-actualization stage.

Clayton Alderfer further developed Maslow’s work. He suggested that the five stages identified by Maslow could be reduced to three areas. He called this his Existence, Relatedness and Growth theory. The physiological and safety stages in Maslow’s hierarchy became the existence category in Alderfer’s theory. The interpersonal love and esteem stages became the relatedness category and the self-esteem and self-actualization stages became he growth category. He also suggested that these categories all function simultaneously and the importance of each stage varied between people and even with their mood.

This theory can be applied in construction management by viewing the company as a whole and applying the stages of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs to it. Stage one sees the project being undertaking as having resources, which are needed for it to begin. These may include tools, drawings and the relevant workers for the project. The company then needs financial backing or sufficient finances to begin the project, which relates to the security stage. They also need to have a feeling of security that they will be paid in full for the completed project.

Acceptance of the venture is what they would look for next. This could be acceptance from a planning department or from the surrounding community. The self-esteem stage would come into action when the project is well under way and the company can make sure that the development has been well planned and executed. The final stage of self-actualization can be reached by completing the project on time and to budget.

Taking this theory to an individual level in the construction industry is just as valid. Take a labourer for example: he needs tools and instructions to begin the process. He then needs to know that his job is secure otherwise he will not commit to the project. A sense of being accepted as part of the team would then satisfy the belonging need he has. The self-esteem stage can be achieved through praise and recognition for good work or the possibility of promotion. Self-actualization is very hard to achieve but it could be achieved through the job being completed to perfection.

Fiona is an Architect and has written and published numerous articles. She is engaged and lives with her partner Ryan. – – –

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Manteca High bell tower may ring again

Manteca High bell tower may ring again
He credits Aaron Bowers, the district's director of construction management, for advancing the idea. To show how deep the bell tower goes in Manteca High alumni psyches, Bowers wasn't even born when the tower came down due to earthquake safety …
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Architects, management firms selected
Architects and construction management firms to help with the design and construction of several projects at Oklahoma State University have been selected by the OSU/A&M board of regents. Regents selected Kinslow Keith Todd of Tulsa and Lippert Brothers …
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Women in Construction awards scholarships
Lori Estes Memorial Scholarships, sponsored by Estes Construction: Tucker Barrett, Wilton, Iowa, and Logan Bredesky, Polk City, Iowa, both will study construction management at the University of Northern Iowa; Shelby Link, Alexis, Ill., engineering and …
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Airport board concerned about state cuts
… a number of measures, including applying for a $ 1.1 million state grant to pay for construction of new aircraft taxiways, hangars and an expanded parking apron at Downtown Island Airport, and a $ 1.2 million state grant for construction management …
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Olivette design company lands million federal contract
Etegra focuses on architecture, construction management and environmental services for the public sector, including state and local agencies and court another law enforcement facilities. The company generates average annual revenue of $ 2 million and is …
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Trustees recommend approval of competency-based degree, two new

Trustees recommend approval of competency-based degree, two new
… Building Construction Management Technology as the School of Construction Management Technology. The board also approved resolutions of appreciation for IUPUI Chancellor Charles R. Bantz and two donors, and approved two posthumous degrees.
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Heartland Construction to build SD Pulse Processors plant
Heartland Construction Management of Fort Pierre will build the new processing plant at Harrold for South Dakota Pulse Processors, the companies announced Thursday. Construction Manager Spence Etzkorn said construction is likely to begin in June and …
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Construction Begins on Luxury Apartment Complex
Summit Management, the owner and developer of over 700 units of market, student, and mixed-use housing in Duluth at the BlueStone, Summit Ridge, Boulder Ridge, and Campus Park developments in Duluth, announced today the start of construction of …
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PSU hosts 3rd Construction Expo
Students in the construction management fields often work with heavy equipment operators. That doesn't mean it's any less fun when they get behind the controls of a mini excavator or a bulldozer or a large concrete pump. "I've had a blast. I've …
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JB Mouton looks to second century of success
Billeaud studied construction management at what is now the University of Louisiana at Monroe and later joined the family business — his father, Manning F. Billeaud, was president. The company built its present office at 202 Toledo in 72 days in 1981.
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Highway 99 tunnel manager moving to job at Sound Transit
Matt Preedy, the state's deputy administrator for the Highway 99 tunnel, is moving to Sound Transit on June 1. He will become the transit agency's deputy director of construction management, as it pushes forward with lines to Northgate, Lynnwood …
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Bill Postma Joins GATES as Project Manager
GATES is pleased to announce the addition of Bill Postma as Project Manager. Postma is responsible for the overall project management of projects assigned to him, from the pre-construction stage and permitting, through construction, to owner occupancy.
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4 Injured in Banister Collapse at New York City Building

4 Injured in Banister Collapse at New York City Building
SL Green Realty said there was a licensed safety manager at the building. The city Department of Buildings issued a stop work order while the accident is under investigation. Waldorf Demolition is the contractor, with Tishman Construction as the …
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Link Construction breaks ground on Doral flower distribution facility
The Miami-based general contractor and construction management firm was hired by the flower company to build a 34,479-square-foot facility at 8101 N.W. 21st Street. It will include 7,549 square feet of offices and 15,000 square feet of cold storage for …
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Hunger for prosperity
HKND plans to install a construction management and operations office in Rivas, which will also host one of a handful of hiring centers. Three of nine planned worker camps — each accomodating more than 5,000 employees — will be in the surrounding …
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Is downtown experiencing a renaissance?

Is downtown experiencing a renaissance?
A few blocks away, construction will be completed on Clear River Church's 500-seat church at Third and Brown streets later this year. And just down the street, Sarah Reinert, formerly a manager at Java Roaster, in March took ownership of the coffee …
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Business briefs: Gowan Construction Inc. receives award
Shannon Carlson, manager of Altru Clinics in Roseau, Warroad and Greenbush, Minn., has earned the distinction of board certification in health care management as a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives. The FACHE designation …
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Plexxis, a Construction Management Software, Estimating, and Mobile App

Plexxis, a Construction Management Software, Estimating, and Mobile App
Plexxis specializes in construction management software with full estimating integration made specifically for wall and ceiling contractors. Wall and ceiling contractors seeking the highest levels of efficiency and performance are invited to view a …
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CSU Chico construction management students take top spots at competition
California State University, Chico construction management students secured top-three finishes in three separate categories at the Associated Students of Construction Region 7 Student Competition on Feb. 5-7 in Sparks, Nev. The construction management …
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Deryl Redden Joins Parsons
Deryl Redden has been named a supervising construction engineer in the Los Angeles office of Parsons Brinckerhoff, a global infrastructure strategic consulting, engineering, and program/construction management organization. Redden has more than 35 …
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Ernie Loberg Construction Selects GradeBeam to Improve Bid Management

Ernie Loberg Construction Selects GradeBeam to Improve Bid Management
CHICAGO, Feb. 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Textura Corporation (NYSE: TXTR), the leading provider of collaboration solutions for the construction industry, announced that Ernie Loberg Construction, a full-service General Contractor specializing in …
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Fieldwire Offers A Task-Management App For The Construction Industry
Even as other industries adopt technology to improve productivity and make them more efficient, there are some like construction that are still locked into old, mostly manual processes for project management. A startup called Fieldwire wants to change …
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Water plant engineering costs up but bottom line steady

Water plant engineering costs up but bottom line steady
O'Brien & Gere Engineers of Syracuse, the design and construction management firm for the project, notified the city in July it expects that $ 4.75 million in professional services will be needed. That's $ 404,930 more than budgeted. In the same memo, O …
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Gafcon wins Construction Management Association award
The Construction Management Association of America's Southern California Chapter will be honoring San Diego-based Gafcon Inc. for its work on the renovation of The Forum in Inglewood at a gala in March. “This was a historic renovation, modernization of …
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Career Center hosts Construction Management Fair

Career Center hosts Construction Management Fair
Alumni employers in the construction management, safety, or renewable energy fields seeking to hire a Redbird are invited to register to meet candidates, and to also attend a pre-fair lunch with faculty and student leaders from respective academic …
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Honolulu CC's construction management student chapter receives top honor
“The construction management students deserve this award,” shares Norman Takeya, assistant professor of the construction management program at Honolulu CC . “They have worked hard in a number of community service projects along with their volunteer …
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608th Construction Management Team retrograde Afghanistan
31, 2014) — Soldiers from the 608th Engineer Detachment, Construction Management Team, or CMT, 4th Resolute Support Sustainment Brigade have been spearheading retrograde missions all over Afghanistan. Their primary mission was to assist with the …
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Construction management students serve at 'Build It Lab'

Construction management students serve at 'Build It Lab'
On Saturday, Jan. 24, several UALR students hammered and sawed on a playhouse at the Museum of Discovery, providing a glimpse into the world of construction. The five-week project, called “Build It Lab,” is intended to offer young visitors an …
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Construction management software company to open Start-Up NY operations at
CANTON – SUNY Canton has received approval to begin its first Start-Up NY partnership providing space on campus and tax-free operation for a company developing construction management software. Adirondack Operations LLC has been approved to …
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Learning by Serving: Construction Management
MARQUETTE — A group of construction management students at Northern Michigan University have started working on a volunteer project for the community. Joshua Maier is a senior Construction Management major. He's also president of Northern Michigan …

Career Center hosts Construction Management Career Fair
The Career Center, in conjunction with the Department of Technology, is hosting the Construction Management Fair on Thursday, February 12, 2015 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Employers from the fields of construction management, safety, and renewable energy …
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